Wood Types

With the availability of over 5,000 different types of wood to choose from, designers’ demands will surely be met. Some of the wood is suited for insulation, some for voice and sound, color, appearance, and for other wooden structures, walls, floors, ceilings and home appliances.

The wood used in the building industry should be uniform in appearance and appearance, free of rubbing and gum, lack of flowing, complexity and other disadvantages.
The presence of knots, bunch of branches, rotten and dried parts, accumulation of plant sap and gum on the surface of the wood indicates that it is not good.

Wood is produced from a wide variety of products with a variety of properties, which are widely used in various industries. Working with wood is very comfortable and easy to use in the building. One of the most important wood properties in the building industry is its adaptability and ductility

The wood can be painted in any color and can be brilliant and polished so that its natural elegance is displayed. Wood can be shaved and cut, glued and nailed.

Wood has a very high potential and is aesthetically pleasing and can be used depending on the creativity and dreams of anyone.

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