Terms and Conditions

International sales rules of Amitis Emertat International Group

The main goal of Amitis Emertat International Group is to protect the rights and respect for the customer. In this regard, in his working relationship with the client, he recognizes his trick rights and considers the customer as his blessing, thus, when considering the following:

1. Always at all times right with the customer.

2. By no means should the customer be deceived.

3. Employees must honestly talk with the client and support them in every respect.

4. The customer must be sure of the purchase and after sales service.

5. The maintenance of the rights of Amitis Emertat International Group depends on maintaining customer rights.

6. The interests of Amitis Emertat International Group are dependent on maintaining the interests of the customer.

7. The customer must be fully and fully informed of his purchase details.

8. Always and at all, the customer’s interests should not be taken into account and should not be made by the                customer in the wrong way.

9. All designs and executive plans must be approved by the customer and then executed.

10. All contracts between them should be based on accurate and accurate legal contracts, and advisers from the               Amitis Emertat International Group must all advise the client on accurate and accurate advice in all areas.