Our experts, while investigating the various dimensions of industrialization of wooden buildings, with the proper  fitting of the plant in addition to the preparation and processing of used wood, prepare skeletons and wooden structures at the factory site, and finally, at the site of the project, the item Assembled pre-assembled and encoded devices. Therefore, in spite of Masonry’s construction, it is not necessary to explain and equip the construction workshops in the project area during this process. This important factor in optimizing the time and cost of construction is of great importance.

Also, in the dryer unit of the factory, the thermal correction is done by using heat and steam in the wood to create hydrophobicity and water impermeability in wood, so the dimensions of the wood will not change and will not be affected by moisture. Also, the thermal treatment by converting natural sugars inside the wood into non-food sources, prevents decay and changes its color, which also preserves the beauty of the wood.
Normally, wood can not be used in wet and exterior environments, but since wood-trimmed with heat or wood does not absorb moisture or retain it inside, it can be used for various uses, such as exterior facades, deck and porch construction. And the flooring will be appropriate.

In the surface saturation unit of the plant, to create a lasting resistance, the wood is put into closed cylinders and the chemicals are introduced into the vacuum and pressure through it. Suitable chemicals can permanently protect the wood against termite attack, vermin and decay Protecting bacterias.




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