About us

Amitis Emertat international group was established in 2005 with the investment of a group of the top civil engineers and architects. Based on the needs of the country, innovative, safe, light and economical models and models for designing and building wooden houses and houses complying with American WCD standards and DIN standards, designed and constructed wooden houses and villas in Iran, The title of the only expert group in this field was the art industry and with the establishment of factories and workshops in Tehran and the northern cities of the country has managed more than 60,000 square meters of residential and residential complex, commercial and entertainment inside and 80,000 square meters outside The country has designed and implemented wooden materials in a fully scientific and standard manner and has successfully completed the mesh Tianian, and as the only international rank holder, the export certificate to Europe and the only quality assurance holder, has completely distinguished itself from other companies and foreign groups.